Thoughts of the Worst Programmer in the World

someone's code is under deep suspicious inspection, but not here.

A take on HipHop from Ubuntu (12.10 32-bit)

So Facebook has a cool thing going on with this piece of software called HipHop. In all fairness, I really don't know what HipHop does other than to function as a kind of C++-thingy for PHP. Bottom line is that I never got to play with it either, because after *several hours* of manually installing and compiling packages, my eyes gently swept across this "Only 64-bit thingy" in the Wikipage....

Lesson learned from today: Read better. Project totally failed.

Misuse of JavaScript and Computer Science for the sake of entertainment

The div-element has inspired yet another freak. I have nothing to say in my defence!

A take on Roadsend PHP Raven from Windows

Roadsend PHP Raven seems like one of them cool toys. As far as I've figured, Roadsend PHP Raven will produce LLVM bytecode (or was that assembly code) of my PHP files. In any way, I'll be able to run PHP scripts as direct native code. The project looks to be actively built on *nix but I don't have a *nix installation available at the moment - so the next best thing is Cygwin. I installed the packages specified in the readme file and had a go... well that didn't do it. You have to add additional packages to Cygwin (via setup.exe) and the cmake error log gives you decent pointers. Followed the instructions. mkdir build at root-level of install and did a 'cmake ..'. Turned out OK. No, no it didn't. Mentioned project needs LLVM 3.0, not 2.9 or 3.1. Shit.

Nope. Compiling Roadsend PHP Raven on Cygwin didn't work, and I'm not going to spend any more time trying to make it work. Project totally failed.